Hallgarten & Company was founded in 2003 by the former partners of a well-known
economic think-tank. Our output emcompasses top-down and bottom-up research from
a Classical Economic (Austrian School) perspective. Over the years, the team has
successfully picked trends using our macroeconomic underpinnings to guide investors
through the treacherous waters of the markets. It was only natural, in light of the
focus of Classical Economics upon the "real value" of monetary assets that the firm's
strengths should ultimately have become evident in resources sectors and projections
of commodity trends.

Hallgarten & Company has advised and managed portfolios of offshore and onshore hedge

Hallgarten continues to provide Buy-side coverage of Latin American macroeconomics
and companies via its subsidiary, Buenos Aires Trust Company S.A..

Hallgarten also provides consultancy services on Latin American economic, politics and
corporate matters including the production of bespoke research.